Sacrificed - Given to an Empire; Found by God

By Tony Woods

In the final months before Japan's defeat in World War II, all of her citizens were being asked to make the supreme sacrifice for the sake of the Homeland. 15-year-old Naoki answered the call, enlisting in the Naval Air Force for training as a Kamikaze pilot. When Japan's supply of planes was exhausted, he was transferred to the "Kaiten" project, preparing volunteers to pilot torpedoes on suicide missions.


Alternatively, he was a given a backpack of explosives and told to run under an oncoming Allied tank. One week before he was to be given his first and only assignment, however, the war ended, leaving the young man with a new future and the opportunity for a new kind of sacrifice. God intervened in Naoki's life, taking him from commitment to an Empire to a lifetime calling to a Kingdom. Sacrificed is the story of that calling and of the remarkable man destined to be a blessing for a whole generation.


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