Tony Woods

Tony was born in Texas, though he and his wife, Marsha have spent most of their years as Baptist missionaries, serving in three African countries, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and Australia. They now call Australia home, living near Gold Coast, Queensland, not far from their kids and grandchildren.


Writing has long been a passion for Tony, and the life that he’s lived has provided plenty of inspiration. Among his published works include: Looking for a Lamb, an allegorical study in grief work, following the death of his son to leukemia, The Road Rising, a one year devotional-type novel which has been described as a “Pilgrims Progress for the twenty-first century”, Leaving the Trail, is a sequel to The Road Rising, focusing on a young couple who marry and embark on their own one year journey, Uncle Buddy, the biographical sketch of one of the most endearing missionaries who ever lived, On the Road With John, a study of the fourth Gospel designed for small groups, and Sacrificed, the story of Naoki Noguchi, friend, pastor and former Kamikaze pilot. Tony’s latest work is called Anagaion, and it’s a discipleship study course written primarily for the Japanese with whom he works, it is now being introduced to churches worldwide.


Together with Marsha, Tony contributes weekly to their blog titled ‘Missionaries on the Move’