About Us

Marton Publishing is dedicated to making publishing accessible for independent writers and their works accessible to the world.


Utilising Print On Demand (POD) technology since 2003, Marton Publishing is helping emerging authors through the maze of transforming their ideas into reality.

Meet Tony Woods – Founder of Marton Publishing

Marton Publishing was founded by Tony Woods to partner and publish independent authors works, which are true to the Christian faith.


Tony was born in Texas, though he and his wife, Marsha have spent most of their years as Baptist missionaries, serving in three African countries, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and Australia. They now call Australia home, living near Gold Coast, Queensland, not far from their kids and grandchildren.


Writing has long been a passion for Tony, and the life that he’s lived has provided plenty of inspiration. Among his numerous published works include: Looking for a Lamb, an allegorical study in grief work, following the death of his son to leukemia, and The Road Rising, a one year devotional-type novel which has been described as a “Pilgrims Progress for the twenty-first century”.


Tony’s latest work is called Anagaion, a discipleship study course written primarily for the Japanese with whom he works, which is currently being introduced to churches worldwide.


Tony began his studies in English Education with a Bachelors degree from Colorado State University. He then went on to study a Master of Divinity majoring in the Old Testament at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary through which he is completing a Doctorate of Ministry, GGBTS. Tony also holds a Level 9 Certification, with Japanese Language Institute, Tokyo, Japan.


Tony not only has a passion for writing but to encourage and support other writers to share their words with the world. “The plight of emerging authors has always been a concern of mine,” Tony says. “There are a lot of good books out there, but unless the author is already established, most publishing companies simply can’t consider them.”


The vision that resulted in Marton Publishing was to provide a way to get into the market through a unique “Author/Publisher Partnership”, custom fitted to match the skills and resources of each.